Crofton House – Building Envelope Restoration

> Crofton House – Building Envelope Restoration

Work included design, specification preparation, tendering and observations of work in progress for removal and replacement of existing shingle roofing, roof top vents, gutters and downspouts. Removal of existing stucco on all elevations and replacement with fibre cement siding. Removal of existing windows and replacement with new PVC windows. Replacement of existing man doors with new man doors at balconies and patios. Removal of existing balcony membrane, fascia, flashings, railings, gypsum board soffit, decking and replace with new. Removal of existing stucco and replacement with new metal cladding around columns. Replacement of waterproofing sheet goods. Replacement of water damaged sheathing and framing components.

Crofton House Condominium Corporation
Contract Value
$2 M
Spring 2017